About Stage Scene


There's more to Stage Scene than just stage hire!

Life should be good, we should enjoy what we do. At the same time we should also live, work and play responsibly.

Whilst we plan to succeed in the stage hire business, we started Stage Scene for many reasons, such as:

  • Freedom and control of work/life balance
  • Getting involved in an industry which celebrates life!
  • Creating a positive environmental influence in the stage hire and events sector

Neil's hands on experience in the stage hire business combined with Karin's creative admin experience, we think makes a good team. Throw in a great network of support and Stage Scene is set to take on the events industry.




  • Members of Sustainable Living Foundation & Western Region Environment Centre
  • Investigating making our own biodiesel to transport the stage
  • Home based office - minimal equipment, minimal paper use, eco-friendly paper
  • We can arrange carbon offsets for our stage transport to and from your event
  • We offer discounts to local and environmental non-profit organisations


  • Eat mostly vegetarian/vegan
  • Grow some of our own food organically, buy organic produce and shop ethically
  • Minimise vehicle use (ride, walk, public transport) and use efficient vehicles whenever possible
  • Minimise energy consumption
  • Solar Hot Water & Power, water tanks at home/office 
  • Get involved with local activities
  • Do our bit to clean up our local waterways
  • Volunteer at Sustainable Living Festival
  • Holiday in Australia, so many amazing places!


NEWS - as we see it...

COMING UP: May 25 - March against Monsanto


Should a corporation be allowed to patent the foods we eat? We're talking foods like tomatoes here! What happens when a giant corporation takes control of our food?

One half of Stage Scene will be there, the other half has a good excuse!

Go to the Facebook page for information on this very important event.



Clean Up Wyndham Day - May 4, 2013

Clean Up Wyndham Day 2013 - MarqueeClean Up Wyndham Day 2013 - action

The lovely surrounds of the Riverbend Historical Park provided the base for our innaugural Clean Up Wyndham Day, a project of the Wyndham LitterWatch alliance.

The project aimed to not only clean up our environs, but educate on how we can reduce litter. Stage Scene as community members assisted with the promotion, co-ordination and participated on the day.

Yes, that's one of our Marquees, with table and chairs, donated for the day. Kayaking? Well, okay so we had a little fun too, but it's the only way to get to much of the rubbish which has already found it's way into the river. More than a truck load of rubbish (3 cubic metres or more) was removed from the Werribee River and it's banks - only in a short stretch. Much still remains.

Organising an event? You can do your bit by considering alternatives to packaged products like bottled water and manage your waste, so it doesn't end up in our waterways harming our wildlife.

Wyndham Relay for Life - April 20 & 21, 2013

Wyndham Relay for Life 2013 - Jordy Stage

Again, Stage Scene were pleased to support the Wyndham relay for Life for 2013, in their succesful efforts to raise funds for the Cancer Council.

Wyndham Relay for Lifewww.facebook.com/WyndhamCancerCouncilRelayForLife

We have a new addition to the Stage Scene family - Betsy. Betsy's a 6x4.5m Outdoor Stage similar to our other stage but a different look, check her out at the end of the photos - Equipment and Services page. Our other stage Jordy, has been named in memory of our son and workmate.

Find out how an event is run sustainably. The Sustainable Living Festival sets the bar for good environmental event practises, besides which it's a great event to visit; great food, talks and workshops, music, displays...For the full program (and better images than below) visit the website. http://www.sustainablelivingfestival.org.au

Sustainable Living Festival

Head along to Federation Square for the Festival's Big Weekend Feb 15-17 and drop in and say Hi to me, I'll be volunteering at the Info Hub, cheers, Karin.

Well done to the Western Region Environment Centre for organising a fantastic first Electric Vehicle Expo in Wyndham on September 9.

Neil had to get into the De Lorean (replica) from the Back to the Future movie - see photo below. A huge variety of vintage, converted and new electric vehicles were on display, with vehicle owners there to share their knowledge. We might even convert our little hatchback.

It's time we saw more charging points across the country.

If only we could get an electric 4WD to tow the stage...

Neil in De Lorean - Wyndham EV Expo

While our little 1.9kW Solar Power system is working like a charm (energy co. owes us $$$), it is sadly apparent that much more action is required.


The Australian government has declared they intend to expand our dirty coal mining industry, including areas endangering the Great Barrier Reef (YES, incredulous!) http://bit.ly/reefatrisk_fb and right here in our back yard - Wyndham and Bacchus Marsh areas, where mining companies have already spent $4 million on a pilot plant, to test feasibility and we believe they mean business. Visit the No Coal Wyndham facebook page for more info:

Please, no more new coal!





We support the campaign for a national Container Deposit Scheme, a scheme where a refund is given for recyclable bottles and cans being returned (preventing litter and landfill). South Australia has shown that this works, yet some manufacturers are using all their weight to oppose it. Join us and add your voice by signing this petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/coopers-beer-stop-funding-anti-recycling-ads

What we DON'T support is extending the life of dirty, antiquated fossil fuel energy operations. Ask the governments of the world to stop subsidising the fuel bill of the fossil fuel industry (with our tax dollars). http://act.350.org/sign/make-rio-count/